Want To Write A Viral LinkedIn Post? Here Are Justin Welsh’s 5 Rules For Writing Success

The most influential LinkedIn strategist of the last two years is Justin Welsh.

But back in 2021, Welsh shared his five rules for crafting viral LinkedIn posts. And these rules are a must-read for any entrepreneur, marketer, or career professional who wants to boost their LinkedIn engagement.

(If you haven’t read this yet, get ready—because this is one of those rare gems on the Internet.)

Here’s the breakdown:

Rule #1: Make It About The Reader

Justin Welsh reminds us that what people care about isn’t how groundbreaking your product or your career is.

It’s actually how your story relates to them. Because people are inherently self-interested, they want to see reflections of their own struggles or dreams in your posts. Understanding your audience, addressing their pain points, and offering solutions are three key ingredients.

We all know these things “in theory,” we just forget them in the moment.

You have to actively remind yourself what matters most: the reader’s perspective.

Rule #2: Eye-Catching Headlines Are Key

Most people who try to go viral think their long, in-depth content will naturally catch on.

When actually, it’s usually the opposite. And the reason is because people scroll through LinkedIn quickly and a great headline makes them stop. So, don’t fall into the trap most people do.

Craft engaging, curiosity-inducing headlines.

Rule #3: Consistency Matters More Than Perfection

It takes people a long time to learn this one.

Success is not about crafting a perfect post once. Instead, it’s about practicing consistency—posting regularly and interacting with your audience over and over again—until one day, you achieve viral status.

Rule #4: Storytelling Is Powerful

This one is my favorite.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, or career professional, this rule still applies. You have to use storytelling elements to achieve meaningful engagement.

And usually, it makes all the difference. Stories resonate. They make your content memorable and shareable.

Rule #5: Focus On Value, Not Virality

This is true for most things in life.

Your goal should not be to go viral with every post. Instead, you should be more concerned with providing value to your audience—insights, tips, and knowledge that they can use.

Then, and only then, will you follow in the footsteps of the most influential LinkedIn strategist ever.

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