Here Are 5 Frameworks To Help You Master LinkedIn Viral Growth In Record Time

The internet’s most valuable skill right now is LinkedIn viral growth.

Unfortunately, a lack of understanding keeps people from ever learning how to do it. They spend hours (and usually a ton of money) trying to learn outdated methods, all the while failing to realize the world has changed.

The old way isn’t relevant anymore—because now, in order to be successful, you have to think differently and leverage new strategies.

I know, because I wasted months and hundreds of dollars trying to learn this myself. But, my loss is your gain.

Here are 5 LinkedIn viral growth frameworks that will save you dozens of painful hours trying to learn growth hacking yourself:

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Engagement Framework

Hearing this completely changed the way I thought about engagement on LinkedIn.

According to Gary, all you have to do is:

Engage directly with your followers.

Ask questions in your posts to spark conversations.

Respond to every comment, creating a community feel.

Neil Patel’s Content Creation Framework

Hang this up in your room somewhere—and stare at it every day.

Create high-value content consistently.

Use storytelling to connect with your audience.

Incorporate visuals, like images and infographics, to make your posts more appealing.

Amy Landino’s Video Framework

I consider this the Bible of creating impactful video content.

Keep videos short and to the point, generally under 2 minutes.

Use relevant and engaging thumbnails.

Include subtitles for accessibility and greater reach.

Brian Dean’s SEO Framework

Struggling with getting found on LinkedIn?

Optimize your profile with relevant keywords.

Use hashtags wisely to increase visibility.

Engage in popular LinkedIn groups to increase your network.

Ann Handley’s Personal Branding Framework

Finally, this is how you achieve a strong personal brand:

Be authentic and genuine in all your posts.

Share personal experiences and lessons learned.

Highlight your unique value proposition in your profile.

These 5 frameworks completely changed the way I thought about LinkedIn viral growth.

If only I had discovered them sooner…

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